Zone Mortalis Gang Tactics Cards*

Manufacturer: Games Workshop


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Tags: Games Workshop, House Cawdor, House Delaque, House Escher, House Goliath, House Orlock, House Van Saar, Necromunda, Warhammer

Zxpand your games of Necromunda with a range of new Tactics cards that are based around the terrain of the underhive.

With 12 gang-specific cards and 12 that can be used by any gang, you'll be able to take advantage of your surroundings and emerge victorious.

This box contains 26 100mm x 75mm cards for use in games of Necromunda:

– 12x Gang-specific Tactics cards (1 each for the following gangs: Cawdor, Goliath, Escher, Van Saar, Delaque, Orlock, Enforcer, Corpse Grinder, Genestealer Cults, Helot Chaos Cult, Venator, and Slave Ogryn).
– 12x Gang Tactics cards, available for use by any gang
– 1x Instructions Card for using this set of cards
– 1x Double-sided rules card, offering a new optional rule for using Zone Mortalis stairs and further instructions for using this set of cards