Instore Gaming Information

In store Gaming returns.  Late night gaming will be back taking place on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays till 22.00


Table booking is for 4 hours for either a 6x4 or a 5'10"x2'5" table. Cost of £5 covers a maximum of 6 people to a table.

6x4 table is ideal for all systems, 5'10"x2'5" table can fit 40k, AoS, CCG, Blood Bowl etc.
When you book a table you can book one for daytime and one for the evening per order.  If you want to book multiple tables for the daytime or evening then these need to be done over separate orders.


The link to book tables is below however please ensure you have read the following information:
1. There is a maximum of 6 people to a table
2. Face masks must be worn at all times (unless eating or drinking at the table or medically exempt)
3. Do not move between tables, social distancing is in place when not at a table
4. Sanitise hands on arrival and before collecting any drinks from the fridge
5. Stating the obvious - do not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid or if you have tested positive for Covid.
6. Check in on arrival via the NHS app and the QR codes
7. Do not share gaming equipment. If trading cards then cards must remain in the binder and only be handed over once the trade is agreed (minimise contact on the cards!)
8. Table bookings are £5 per table. You can book one daytime and one evening session at a time. If you want to book multiple tables for the same time then this must be done on separate orders.
9. Bookings are non refundable if cancelled less than 24 hours before the booking
Gaming will start Monday 17/05 - for the first five weeks there will be no organised events (just in case things slide backwards), after that there will be small scale organised events for a further 5 weeks then after that large events will be held :)
Book a table HERE