Wet Palette - Wargamer's Edition XL*

Manufacturer: Army Painter


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Tags: Army Painter, Tool, Wet Palette

The best Wet Palette just got bigger and better! Superior quality and custom-designed to keep acrylic paints preserved, perfectly smooth, and creamy. The Wargamers Edition Wet Palette comes with a special hard plastic inner layer design featuring 30 paint wells for Speedpaints and Washes. With space for up to 6 Wargamer Brushes & 10 Hobby Brushes from The Army Painter.

• Built-in brush tray holder and palette for speedpaints and washes.
• The Wet Palette is designed to be both stylish and functional.
• Keeps your paints fresh and longer-lasting.

• 1 x Wet Palette Wargames Edition
• 2 x Sheets of Hydrofoam
• 50 x Hydro Sheets