Unlock! 5 Heroic Adventures

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Tags: Board Game, General, Max 6 Players, Party Game, Puzzle, Space Cowboys

The fifth installment in the Unlock! Series. These are co-operative escape room style games which can be played with a deck of cards and a companion app.

Unlock 5! Heroic Adventures features three new mysteries:

Sherlock Holmes
In Pursuit of the White Rabbit
Insert Coin

In Sherlock Holmes you are assisting the famous detective in solving a murder. A man has been killed, hit on the head by a statuette. Can you make your way through the investigation to find out what happened?

In Pursuit of the White Rabbit is rated as the most difficult game in this installment. The game has an Alice in Wonderland Theme. During the game you are exploring Wonderland, ultimately with the goal of helping Alice to escape in time.

Insert Coin is themed on an old style arcade game. The idea is that you have decided to play your grandpa’s old arcade machine on a rainy day. You have to try and beat all of the levels in the arcade machine to escape, otherwise it is game over.

Each adventure comes as a separate deck of cards. At the start of the adventure the top card which will reveal some clues to get you going. It is then up to you to solve the scenario, whether by combining objects on different cards, or solving puzzles to make a machine work. The solutions are numbers which will lead you to other cards. If you are correct you will unlock new cards. If you are wrong you may get landed with a time penalty. To add tension, the app sets a timer of an hour for you to complete the mystery. You can continue if you have not solved the scenario within the hour but this adds an escape room feel.