SLA Industries 2nd Edition RPG Core Rulebook

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SLA Industries is a role-playing game of urban horror, set in The World of Progress; a vast world of ruin and decay. At the very heart of this world lies Mort City, a false beacon of hope upon an otherwise dystopian planet. Under the skin of this sprawling city are the Operatives of SLA Industries. These agents, investigators and trained soldiers do the company’s dirty work, cleaning the streets of serial killers, cultists and Carrien vermin, whilst being sure to make the right impression for the cameras.

SLA Industries is a world that never stops raining, where the horrific has become a reality and where the truth does more damage than the bullets.

SLA Industries 2nd Edition features a brand new rules system (the S5S system), which after 9 months of development has been through rigorous playtesting to bring a modern, streamlined and cinematic gaming experience to The World of Progress. The 2nd Edition system has a strong focus on quick flowing action and narrative-driven game play, providing GMs with a tool kit with which to keep games moving while the cameras are rolling.

SLA Industries 2nd Edition will contain the definitive overview of Mort, covering the different areas of the city, as well as the wider geography of the planet. In addition, a concise insight to the company, important figureheads, rivals, hardware and the various races of Mort, old and new, are all included in detail.