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Winner of Best Tabletop RPG at UK Games Expo 2022. The Cursed Library is a game book of short stories for players to enjoy with the SHIVER RPG.

SHIVER is an award winning tabletop roleplaying game inspired by classic cult movies, scary stories and weird graphic novels. SHIVER lets players play through their favourite films, TV shows, and other pieces of pop culture as well as create their own stories.

With an art style that jumps off the shelf SHIVER is the perfect addition to any store that specialises in nerd and geek culture be that tabletop games, board games, video games, graphic novels, books, comics.

The Cursed Library is a collection of stories including:
- 128 Full Colour pages jammed packed with illustrations.
- 5 stories from a range of genres including, sci-fi, weird wild west, Americana, Kids on Bikes

SHIVER and its stories are inspired by many things including:
Stranger Things
Jurassic Park
D&D / Dungeons and Dragons / DnD
Resident Evil
Haunted House