Marduk The Tyrant

Manufacturer: Archon Studios


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  1. 28mm Scale
  2. Miniatures supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Glue and paint not included
  3. Plastic Components

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Tags: 28mm, Archon Studios, RPG Figure

"Fighting Marduk is like skipping the first phase of Boss fight. So be wary, adventurer - you've got to cut off five heads now! His form and power come from the possessed souls of defeated dragons. Prepare for fire, thunders, death, and tyranny. Good luck!"

Origon the Denouncer is an impressive Miniature to terrorize your adventuring party. Standing at over 127mm tall and on a 50mm base this dragon will surely make for a session your party won't surely forget.


  • 1x Marduk the Tyrant Miniature
  • 1x 50mm Base