Maelstrom Gothic

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Maelstrom was one of the classic Roleplaying games of the 1980s,
innovative in design and setting alike.

This brand new version of the game focuses on supernatural investigation in early Victorian England.  Ghosts, faeries, monsters and worse are to be found in the isolated rural villages and new urban slums alike.

The game features a lifepath system to create characters that are detailed and yet competent for the tasks they will face.  The rules provide fast and flexible gameplay whilst still covering most in-play situations.  The free-form magickal system allows an appropriately trained character to accomplish almost a price.

This core book includes a full guide to life in 1850 and notes are provided allowing the game to be set in any other part of the 19th century.  Two sample settings are outlined, along with guidance on developing your own setting.

So grab your dice, open this book and enter the world of Maelstrom Gothic…

Includes a pdf copy of this book