Lorcana League Sunday Session - Into the Inklands Season

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Session starts 10.00

The most Important Bit to remember ... Leagues are for FUN and the community, not just for competition and winning :)

A League Round lasts for four sessions (one Round each week)
A League Season consists of three consecutive League Rounds (lasts for 3 months)

Prize Support:

  • You get a Jolly Roger card for joining the League
  • The winner of each Round picks two promo cards and gets a pin of their choice
  • If you earn at least 3 League Points (see below) in a Round then you get a promo card and enter the draw for a pin (awarded to a maximum of 3 players each round)
  • The top six players at the end of a season get Lorcana themed sleeves
  • Any player who has earned at least 8 points goes into a draw to win a Disney Lorcana logo pin (awarded to a maximum of 8 players)
  • Any other prize support will then be shared out as applicable :)

How to earn Points:

  • Sign up for a session: 1 point
  • Win a match: 2 points
  • Lose a match: 1 point
  • Teach someone how to play Lorcana at Grim: 2 points
  • Bring someone to the League who hasn't been before: 1 point (this doesn't count for the first few!)
  • Plus a few others at Grim's discretion :)
  • Points capped at 10 per week


  • Round One: Sunday 31.03.24-21.04.24
  • Round Two: Sunday 28.04.24-19.05.24
  • Round Three: Sunday 26.05.24-16.06.24