Hail Caesar Epic Battles: Republican Roman Division.

Manufacturer: Warlord Games


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  1. 13.5mm Scale
  2. Miniatures supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Glue and paint not included
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  4. Plastic Components

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Perfect for expanding your Legions or forming the core of a brand-new force, this boxed set nets you an entire Roman Division for Hail Caesar Epic Battles in one handy package. Featuring the innovative new design of plastic sprue which allows your ranked-up Hastati, Principes, and Triarii to be quickly and easily assembled, as well as shield decals to ensure they present a stirring sight on the tabletop, the discerning Roman commander looking to expand their army need look no further!

The mighty Roman Legions of later centuries were built on the foundation of the citizen armies of the earlier Roman Republic. These brave and stoic farmer-soldiers endured both ignominious defeats and astounding victories in the struggle with their Carthaginian foes, and their martial prowess would steer Rome to ultimate victory and domination of the ancient world.

The Republican Roman division boxed set contains:

  • The following hard plastic miniatures:
    • 4 mounted commanders
    • 4 bases of Roman Principes (30 soldiers each)
    • 4 bases of Roman Hastati (30 soldiers each)
    • 4 bases of Roman Triarii (30 soldiers each)
    • 4 bases of Roman Velites skirmishers
    • 8 Roman heavy cavalry
    • 8 Roman light cavalry
  • Plastic bases
  • Full colour shield decals