Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Nuka-World Rules

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Bombs, Bullets, Blood and Butchery are the main attractions of this Theme Park, where Nuka-Cola flows as freely as shell casings down the streets of Nuka-Town, USA. Three gangs of rival raiders each call Nuka-World home, and the peace between them is tenuous to say the absolute least, as certain people would say “Just don’t get caught”. Disciples, Operators, and The Pack, each lay claim to a part of the park, and each want what the others have, so whatever fractured peace may currently exist, will only last for so long - before another bout of Wasteland Warfare breaks out.

Welcome to Nuka-World, the latest Regional Ruleset for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and the most raider’riffic book to ever hit the shelves. From the glittering lights and plastic facades of Nuka-World we bring a host of new Units, Weapons, Scenarios, Rules and more to make your Wasteland experience more exciting than ever before. Pledge allegiance to one of the three gangs of Nuka-World and engage in a multi-stage war for the park in an all new campaign system and remember that anything you’re strong enough to take, is yours by right! All the key figureheads of the Disciples, Operators and The Pack are on show here, backed by their deadly entourages in brand new miniatures, alongside some of the more flamboyant personalities that you can spot around the park.

Updated rules for Wasteland Warfare as a whole are introduced with Nuka-World, streamlining your experience like never before. Combined with new Vault Tec approved Profiles and Force Lists (presented in the most accessible format ever!), Nuka-World is your one stop shop for Cola-themed bloodbaths! As always, the beautifully painted miniatures gallery is accompanied by painting guides, scenarios, and a brand new book style, keeping every turn of the page new and interesting. There’s never been a Wasteland Warfare book quite like this one, the same Warfare you love, but with a brand new flavour!


5 New Region Rules Sheets, Spanning 10 Regions all across the Park. 5 New Scenarios.

A new Campaign System for claiming control over Nuka-World. New Sub-Faction Rules for The Pack, Disciples, Operators, and Nukalurks. Core Rules Revisions to simplify your Wasteland Warfare Games.

50 Vault Tec Approved Profiles with all the information you need to field the model! Painting guides for the new miniatures.


  • 1x Booklet
  • 53x Unit Cards
  • 53x AI Cards
  • 8x Perks
  • 26x Weapons
  • 8x Mods
  • 37x Items
  • 6x References
  • 5x Strangers
  • 6x Dangers
  • 12x Creatures
  • 12x Event Cards

Please Note:

  • Printed materials is supplied in English.
  • Requires the base game in order to play this expansion.