Combat Companion

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Within this book will be found a huge number of optional rules, new additions and new ideas to add into an existing or new AFF Campaign, and useful for both Player and Director.

Within you will find:
  • Alternative Hero creation for novice/experienced characters
  • Four new Special Skills
  • Twelve new Talents
  • New Critical and Fumble tables
  • Ten Alternative combat rules
  • Twelve new Combat Options
  • Martial Arts rules and nine styles
  • New Combat Magic school
  • Seventeen new Spells
  • Master and Acquired Magic weapons and armour
  • New weapons, armour and equipment
  • Mounted combat rules and new mounts
  • Twenty Three Monster Templates

Don’t let those flashy spellcasters grab all of the glory! Buckle on your swordbelt, grab your trusty shield and find glory in battle!

Requires the Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e Core Rulebook