Campaign: Marianas & Palau Islands

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This new campaign supplement for Bolt Action allows players to recreate the historic island-hopping battles between US and Imperial Japanese forces in the Pacific theatre that took place in 1944. Even whilst the Allies stormed the beaches of Normandy, US forces were beginning to sweep across the Pacific in their own Blitzkrieg, fighting embittered and ferocious battles across tiny strips of land against tenacious Japanese defenders.

The battles described are concerned with the campaigns of the Mariana and Palau Islands specifically and a number of battles are described in great detail, including those of Saipan, Guam, Peleliu and Anguar. The fighting during these campaigns was controversial and bloody, rivalling the battle of Stalingrad for sheer inhumanity in some instances. Though there were many other battles within these campaigns, their number makes them impossible to describe them all in full within a single volume. The book gives players enough tools to recreate any other battles themselves, should they wish.

A wealth of scenarios are included to represent some of the most important battles and are presented in such a way to form an extended campaign. You’ll find new units for the Japanese and United States (both the US Army and Marines), and all the special rules you need to play; including, crucially, those for amphibious assaults, dug in defenders and tropical hazards amongst many others.

As with all our Bolt Action Campaign books, you’ll receive a special edition miniature when ordering through the Warlord Webstore. Cappy, Devil Dog, is a Doberman that saved hundreds of lives during the Battle of Guam. An unsuspecting camp of sleeping marines would have fallen prey to an enormous advancing Japanese force were it not for Cappy's intervention. He unfortunately succumbed to wounds suffered during the subsequent battle, and was the first of the Devil Dogs to die in battle on Guam. A statue of Cappy is situated there, overlooking the National War Dog Cemetery and Memorial. Our miniature depicts him with his handler, PFC Allen Jacobson.

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