Base Ready Altair Earth

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Tags: Base Ready, Basing Material, Geek Gaming

Add a touch of Sci-Fi to your wargaming miniatures, dioramas, and other hobby projects with Base Ready Altair Earth. This custom-mixed blend of sands, gravels, and aggregates is easy to use and creates stunning results.

Simply glue the ground cover to your miniature base or terrain piece, and you're done! Base Ready Altair Earth is also durable and colour fast, so you can be sure that your creations will look great for years to come.

Example use:

  • Base your wargaming miniatures with Altair Earth to create a surreal alien battlefield theme. The Forbidden Dark Eldar and Chaos look great based with Altair.
  • Add Altair Earth to your diorama to create an unworldly fantasy setting.

With Base Ready Altair Earth, the possibilities are truly endless!