Armies in Sleevies aka Local Armies on Show

Manufacturer: Grim Dice Tabletop Gaming

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Clean your brushes, clear off the paint station and get your planning head on! Please book a space via this ticket so we know how many we have coming in.

Grim is going to be running our Armies in Sleevies aka a Locals Armies on Show (yup, very closely based on GW's Armies on Parade but not the same!).  This is your chance to show off your skills in painting, converting and force composition skills.

The models can be from any game system.

There will be three categories:

  • Individual
  • Display Board
  • Young Bloods (Under 16)

Judging date will be Saturday 14.09.24 and your entry needs to be at Grim for this date. Please do not bring entries in more than a week before this date.

The categories are broken down as follows (all entries must be fully painted by the person submitting them)

Individual: A painted army of any type on a blank battle board or table. The focus is the army so no terrain is required.

Display Board: As for the Individual category but the army is based on a diorama board. Max base size is 61cmx61cm

Young Bloods: for Ages 10 to 15 entering either an Individual entry or Display Board.

You can enter multiple categories but each entry can only be put forwards for one category.  Prize support will be provided from Grim and all entries will be judged by the Grim Team.

*Grim reserves the right to update the event rules as required if needed