6mm Summer Static Grass 30g

Manufacturer: Geek Gaming


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Tags: 6mm, Basing Material, Geek Gaming, Static Grass

4mm Grass is great for building up Length and different tones and heights of grasses 

6mm Grass is great detailing grasses for longer areas

For an even more professional finish we recommend the use of an electronic static grass applicator.

Geek Gaming Static Grass can be used for a multitude of different effects, placed directly on to a layout to create realistic ground cover or for detail work and coarser texture flock to replicate weeds or grass.

The Static Grass can also be applied as foliage to trees and basic shrubs to replicate leaves and foliage, for better effects please see our range of dedicated tree foliage. Also, great when applied over rocky outcrops to replicate scrub land.