Star Wars Unlimited Store Showdown Tournament 23.05.24

Manufacturer: Grim Dice Tabletop Gaming

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Priority for places will go to players who have attended the weekly League sessions
Registration starts 18.00
First round starts 18.30

You will require an Unlimited ID, register for a player account at

Casual tier event, Premier format, constructed tournament legal deck required. Best of three rounds, 55 minutes per round, number of rounds dependent on number of players.  Deck construction:
  • Exactly 1 leader and exactly 1 base
  • A minimum 50-card draw deck
  • A sideboard of up to 10 cards (Note: leaders and bases cannot be included in the sideboard)
  • All cards must be from sets designated as “Premier-legal,” which currently is any officially-released set.
  • Between the draw deck and sideboard, there can be no more than three (3) copies of any card. For this purpose, a “copy” is any card that shares a title and subtitle with another card, regardless if they have different art, foiling, or graphic design elements.
Prize support: Promo card per player, top 8, top 4, top 2 and winner also get further promo cards.
Deck lists are not required