Star Wars Legion Tournament 29.05.22

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Star Wars Legion tournament with limited spaces, Sunday 29.05.22.  Registration starts 09.30.  Full force lists must be produced.

500 point skirmish force  (limited to must have one Commander, must have two to four Corp units, maximum one each of Operative and Heavy units, maximum of two each of Special Forces and Support units).  3' x 3' board, competitive scenery set up, 5 rounds. No models of over 8 wounds/damage are allowed

Event will be Swiss format no top cut, 120 minutes per round with 10 minute set up prior

Note: No models of over 8 wounds/damage are allowed

Prize details to follow. 


 09.30 Registration

10.00 Round One Set Up
10.10 Round One Starts
12.10 Round One Ends

12.20 Round Two Set Up
12.30 Round Two Starts
14.30 Round Two Ends

14.40 Break
15.00 End Break

15.00 Round Three Set Up
15.10 Round Three Starts
17.10 Round Three Ends