Sláine - The Cauldron of Blood*

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  1. 28mm Scale
  2. Miniatures supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Glue and paint not included
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The most prized treasure of the Earth goddess Danu, the Cauldron of Blood was a sacred object that could offer up a never-ending supply of food. However, deep within its depths dwelt the spirit of the Goddess as Morrigan the Crone and her monstrous son Avagddu. Wielding the power of death, Morrigan could return a semblance of life to the fallen who were sacrificed to the cauldron. The Reborn were not truly alive but were more than capable of continuing the fight against their foes from beyond the grave.

Dedicated to Danu and to Lug the Sun God, Cathbad was the high druid of the Sessair and advisor to Sláine and his predecessor. Though many held him partly responsible for the capitulation of the Earth Tribes to the Fomorian tax collectors, he wielded considerable political and mystical power in the tribe.

This boxed set contains the following Warlord Resin figures and plastic bases:

  • 1 x Cathbad the Druid
  • 1 x Cauldron of Blood
  • 4 x Cauldron Reborn
  • 1 x character card
  • 2 x unit cards