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All proceeds will be donated to Models for Heroes.  The event starts Saturday 05.02.22 10.00am and finishes Sunday 06.02.22 10.00am!

Please join us for a 24hr painting & building marathon, we are again joined by the indomitable Ollie from Broadsword Wargaming but this time we also have Josh from The Pickle Jar, Ben from Benji's Hobbies and Luke from Geek Gaming joining in the challenge!

There will be various live streams through the 24hr period

Please note- unfortunately we are unable to post the prizes outside of the UK due to the size and customs/import duties.  This ticket is NOT for Luke from Geek Gaming's gaming table.

Prizes that can be won:

  • Bolt Action Battle Set box donated by Warlord Games
  • Two Bolt Action starter armies donated by Warlord Games
  • Blood Bowl starter box
  • Space Marine Combat Patrol
  • Death Guard Combat Patrol
  • Dominion (Age of Sigmar starter box)
  • Black Templars Army Set box
  • Firestrike Turrets
  • Full box of Fusion Strike boosters

Luke is going to be building a gaming board for Age of Sigmar (see seperate ticket here). Josh is painting up a Beastman army and Ben is going to build and paint an Necron Combat Patrol both of which will then be auctioned on eBay with all proceeds going towards Models for Heroes.