Pokemon Community Tournament 10.07.22

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Pokemon tournament registration starts 10.00

Hats backwards trainers, its time for the first Pokémon TCG tournament at Grim Dice!
This event is an unsanctioned casual tournament to get to the Pokémon community together and jam some games. Please bring with you a legal deck and deck list for submission, all relevant gaming tools you'll require as none will be provided (tokens, dice etc), and a sporting attitude!

Format: Standard
Tournament Format: Swiss (rounds to be established with number of players)(bo3 rounds, 50 mins round timer) --> top cut.
Prize Support: One booster in the prize pool for every entry, will be trickled down through the top X finishers.
Please let the guys downstairs know you're here before reporting to the gaming space where the host will be waiting to take registration and process deck lists.
Registration: 10.00-10.30
Round 1 Start: 10.30
Lunch: [Depends on size of event]
Please register your interest and reserve your space on the Grim Dice website, though if space is available on the day, last minute entry's
may be accepted.
Entry Fee: £3

Please find appropriate documentation for official rules, deck list forms ect below
Should this go well, there will be more events to come, so lets make this a good showing and have some fun!