Magic the Gathering Sealed Draft Event 26.05.22

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Sealed draft Swiss tournament of 3 rounds, top cut depending on number of players.  50 minutes per round.

Event starts 18.00, rounds start 18.30

You will get 6 sealed boosters to build your deck, Grim will supply land cards as required. You can take your deck away with you after the event. For each person who enters then a booster will be added to the prize pool, i.e. 4 people enter means a prize pool of 4 boosters.

This is a great format if you look forward to the excitement of checking out new cards and playing without being required to bring your own pre-built deck.

Unlike constructed games—where you arrive with your strategically created deck—in a sealed deck tournament, you build a new deck from six unopened booster packs at the start of the event.

The guidelines require that you build a minimum deck size of 40 cards, but you can add as many basic lands (Plains, Islands, Swamps, Mountains, and Forests) as you’d like, even if they weren’t in the booster packs you opened.

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