Horus Heresy: A Thousand Sons

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A Horus Heresy novel

After being blamed for his shameless use of witchcraft at the Council of Nikaea, Magnus the Red returns with his legion to his home world to continue his arcane studies there.


The story of the Thousand Sons, whose fate for knowledge is doomed, is one of the most tragic stories of the Big Brother War. Magnus questions the Emperor's wisdom, an act that heralded Horus' case.


After Magnus the Red was reprimanded at the Council of Nikaea for his shameless use of witchcraft, he returned to Prospero with his legion to continue his arcane studies there. But when the unfortunate primarch anticipates the warlord Horus' betrayal and warns the emperor using the very forces that were forbidden to him, the lord of humanity sends the primarch Leman Russ to Prospero to punish him for it. But Magnus saw more than Horus' betrayal and this discovery will forever change the fate of his legion.

Written by Graham McNeill