D&D One Shot Adventure - The Moon of Thorns 21.08.22

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The adventure starts at 10.30

Bring your own character (level one to five) or if you've never played before we have pre-made level one sheets for you to use (level one characters)

Thanks and credit to 1shotadventures.com

Fresh to the bustling city, the group join in on a city-wide search for Carac the Thorn, a no-good hoodlum wanted for multiple crimes against Caelkirk’s noble families. The search for Carac, however, leads the PCs into the plans of a secretive death cult. The cult has hired Carac to help excavate a long-lost tunnel that leads under one of the city’s greatest palaces. There, in the ancient catacombs of the palace, the cult hopes to find the body of a long-dead tyrant, who they hope to revive so that he can continue the bloody conquest he started six hundred years ago.