Cyber Strike Reprint Structure Deck

Manufacturer: Konami


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Tags: Cyber Strike, Konami, Structure Deck, Yugioh

Master the forbidden Fusion arts that combine fierce Dragon and Machine monsters with Structure Deck: Cyber Strike!
Structure Deck: Cyber Strike enhances both of Zane Truesdale’s strategies from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime! This is one of the most customizable Structure Decks yet. You can choose to focus on Zane’s original Cyber Dragon Fusion strategy, his Dragon-based Cyberdark strategy, or play both together in a single Deck like in the later seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

This structure deck contains:
– Cyber dragon, zwei, drei, vier
– Cyber dark Horn, edge, keel
– Jizukiru, the star destroying kaiju
– Gizmek orochi, the serpentron sky slasher
– Cyber end dragon
The Ultra rares in this deck are:
– Cyberdark end dragon
– Cyberdark dragon
– Cybernetic horizon
– Power bond
– Overload fusion