Chaos Chosen Team Card Pack

Manufacturer: Games Workshop


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Tags: Blood Bowl, Games Workshop, Warhammer

Redesigned for the Second Season ruleset, this deck of 44 cards will help you keep track of stats and profiles for your team, positions, and Star Players – plus Special Play cards exclusively for use with Chaos Chosen teams.

– 5 Player Reference cards for Beastman Runner Linemen, Chosen Blockers, Chaos Trolls, Chaos Ogres and Minotaurs
– 2 Star Player cards for Morg 'n' Thorg and Lord Borak the Despoiler
– 8 Random Event Special Play cards
– 8 Miscellaneous Mayhem Special Play cards
– 20 Blank Player cards: 13x Beastman Runner Lineman, 4x Chosen Blocker, 1x Chaos Troll, 1x Chaos Ogre, and 1x Minotaur
– The all-important card explaining how to use the other cards, with a red card on the reverse

You'll need a copy of Blood Bowl: the Official Rules to make full use of these cards.