BT08 New Hero Digimon League Start 25.05.22

Manufacturer: Grim Dice Tabletop Gaming

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Digimon BT08 New Hero League, starts Wednesday 25.05.22 18.30 then every 2 weeks. Entry tickets gets you 6 x BT08 booster packs, 1 x deck box, 1 x pack of 100 sleeves and table space for the league start.  Entry ticket is £25

After that each event entry is £5.00 which gets you a BT08 New Hero booster pack and evening entry subs paid.

Event format will be the same as for pre-release events using sealed format rules:

Decks must remain at Grim, any cards taken home cannot then be used in your League deck

The winner of the league will receive a prize and the next two will also receive prizes.  Prizes to be announced.

Register in advance (or on the starting evening) then pay on each subsequent league night

The final will be on Wednesday 03.08.22 (pending numbers)