Adventure Gear - Tray of Folding Dice Tray - Glitter Silver

Manufacturer: DnDice


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Tags: Dice Tray, DnDice, RPG

The DnDice fold-able dice tray, available in a multitude of different colours, is the perfect way to keep your rolls on the table and out of the midst of battle.

Made from black vegan leather, soft felt, and, a generous helping of extra thick padding, these sturdy trays are the perfect companion for your dice. The sides securely fasten together and provide even the chonkiest of polys that sweet and soft place to tumble away into natural 20's.

Once battle is over, it collapses down to just under the size of an A4 page to be stowed away next to your RPG sourcebooks or into the box of a board game until your next adventure.