Adventure Gear - The Fantastic Folding Dice Tray Mini, Pixie Pink

Manufacturer: DnDice


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Tags: Dice Tray, DnDice, RPG

Re-forged and better than ever! Our, ever-popular, dice tray has received its very own Level Up and is coming back thicker, tastier*, and more colourful than ever!

Featuring a superior, textured and reversible, vegan leather underbelly and a luxuriously plush felt rolling surface, this tray provides more than enough room for even the chonkiest of dice, giving that soft and secure place to tumble away into natural 20's. 

Once the battle is over, it collapses down so that it can be stowed away next to your RPG sourcebooks, or into the box of a board game until your next adventure.

*Don't eat them...we shouldn't even have to tell you this!