40k 2k ITC Doubles Tournament 06.07.24

Manufacturer: Grim Dice Tabletop Gaming

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This is an eTicket team event, no physical tickets are sent out.  Registration starts 08.45


Teams of two players, a ticket is entry for the team.  Prizes for top 3 placed teams. Failure to submit lists means you will be dropped from the event and no refund issued.

Rules pack can be downloaded from the link here

The BCP app is required, once you have bought your ticket email Grim with the email you use on BCP so we can register you. BCP info/download is here If you fail to provide us with the required BCP information less than 7 days before the event then you will be dropped with no refund as we are then unable to set up and process your forces/entry.

Event will be ITC format, details here

For this event armies must be built and undercoated, painted is not required.

Food is not provided, there are plenty of local places to get food within 5 minutes walk of the venue.  Parking is available in multiple places within 5 minutes walk of Grim Dice.