Heart of the Underdog Ban List

Below is the list of decks that are Grim Dice banned for our Heart of the Underdog events:

Updated 03.06.23

 Next Event Ban (when an archetype/deck wins an event then it will be temporarily banned for the next event.


 Archetypes: Specific cards:
  • Branded Despia/Bystial Archetype
  • Kashtira Archetype
  • Tearelements Archetype
  • Traptrix Archetype
  • Mathmech Archetype
  • Labrynth Archetype
  • Runick Archetype
  • Spright Archetype
  • Swordsoul Archetype
  • Floowandereeze Archetype
  • Purrely Archetype
  • Superheavy Samurai Archetype
  • There Can be Only One
  • Gozen Match
  • Rivalry of Warlords
  • Grave of the Superancient Organism
  • Super Polymerization
  • Triple Tactics Thrust
  • Skill Drain