An Update on Grim Dice's Expansion

In case you didn't manage to catch last Friday's live stream to the Gaming Group we wanted to make sure you knew what is going on with the future of Grim. You may have noticed we have been mentioning about  big announcements and they are [insert drum roll] .... Grim is expanding!

We are going to be taking over the old Escape Room above Da Vinci restaurant and that will become an expanded gaming space with at least 8 or 9 8x4 tables. The shop will still have instore gaming space and it is also having a full refit too 🙂

The other big announcement is that Grim is now the first official independent flagship store for Warlord Games! This means that we will have the full range of Warlord Games products that we can plus a whole host of other benefits, leagues and so much more, keep an eye out for more updates but we are stupidly proud of this!

So what does this mean in real terms? It means the amount of ranges Grim stocks will increase - a lot. We will be carrying as much of the Warlord Games range that we can plus a lot of blisters from their webstore.  We will also be carrying the full range of Games Workshop products that we can get in too (our Age of Sigmar range is growing massively!).  We will also be expanding our range of other game systems of all types too, getting in the latest waves of Norzul's D&D miniatures plus lots more!

It also means we can get back to running large tournaments, multiple events for different systems at the same time, more D&D sessions and more CCG sessions plus a demo table in store too.  The large room at the back of Grim will come back into use and is ideal for D&D sessions.

Practically, we aim to have the shop refit done and ready by Monday 20th September.  This does mean there is no late night gaming on Monday 13th September, Wednesday 15th September and Thursday 16th September.  Some events that were planned in will be moved to another date during this period (anyone who has got tickets has been informed already).  The refit of the gaming space will take place after that and we aim to have this open and running before Grim's 3rd birthday.