40k Tournament Session B 14/11/20

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40k tournament ticket for session B on 14/11/20

Incursion force, 1000 points, rules from Grand Tournament 2020 pack.

First place prize of a Start Collecting box of your choice or other boxes to the equivalent cost of the lower priced Start Collecting box.

Session A - 8 people 07/11/20

Session B - 8 people 14/11/20

Final (top 4 from each session) - 21/11/20 (ticket not required for the final)

Rules pack to follow.

Only book one ticket and you will need to be available for the final as well.  Due to space in store and current regulations no spectators allowed sorry.  In the event of a change in Covid tier for Grimsby then tickets will be held for when the event is rearranged, if you are unable to make the rearranged date then a refund will be issued.